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A Chat With Ceriti

We had the pleasure of chatting with Anya, the creator behind Ceriti bridal to hear all things about the brand and her journey making bridal gowns! Ceriti is a brand we love here at Sixpence for their dedication to inclusivity, fresh styles, and designs made by hand right here in Canada. Read on to find out more.

What got you started in Bridal?

I was once out shopping for some fabric when I ran into a woman who was 6 months pregnant. She herself was out looking for fabric as the store where she had purchased her wedding dress had gone bankrupt, and never delivered her dress. I knew I wanted to help her, and ended up creating her wedding gown. She was my very first bride, I've been making bridal gowns ever since that day! How would you describe a Ceriti bride? I mean, AMAZING comes to mind right away. Our brides are fun, trendy, chill and looking for something totally special and a little unique. They're not afraid to stray from the status quo, and want a dress that can reflect that!

When designing, what are some important things you keep in mind or prioritize? We recognize the amazing diversity in body types, and make it our main goal to create dresses that look incredible on all sizes. When designing, we need to make sure that our dresses are comfortable and look stunning no matter what body type wears them. We narrow and select the final pieces for a collection with this principle at the forefront.

What's your favourite dress of all-time, and favourite from this collection?

My favourite dress of all-time has to be Since and in this collection Sike has my whole heart.

Give us a fun fact, something unique about yourself/Ceriti. CERITI is a play on words derived from the word sincerity, which I think is a great representation of the brand.

Fun fact about me:

I went to design school to learn to sew so I could paint dresses for gallery installations.

My intent was to be an artist. Anything else you want to tell us about yourself and Ceriti? It is very important to me that my LGBTQ+ community knows that our label is a safe place. The wedding industry has clung to tradition for a long time, but I think it's so important to move forward boldly and celebrate the fact that weddings are about ALL kinds of love.


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