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Sixpence Real Bride: Jackie & Kevin

The time has come! Welcome to our very first blog post on the new Sixpence website! We knew this post had to be extra special, and thought what better way to kick it off than featuring of one our very own brides? We loved hearing from Jackie, her amazing proposal, and her wise words for other brides now in the wedding planning process. Read on to discover all the details!

Tell us a bit about your love story…

​Kevin and I have been together for 8 years, and while we love and appreciate each other deeply, we were both excited for a wedding and to share the day with friends and family. We both attended the University of Guelph, and while we met in passing a few times, it wasn't until after I graduated and Kevin was entering his final year in co-op- that we ended up connecting- and the rest is history! Over the years there have been many laughs, adventures and dogs (we've adopted 2!), and we can't wait for what is next in life.

Tell us about the proposal!

The proposal was absolutely stunning. In 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to Scotland for work and convinced Kevin to join me. It was one of the best and most memorable trips! Early in the morning one day, at Neist Point in the Isle of Skye, Kevin brought me out under the pretence of needing to take some pictures of a particular site for a friend. Little did I know there was a photographer hiding in the highlands among the sheep, and a ring in Kevin's pocket. Overlooking the ocean and the highlands, he proposed! He had a whole day of castles, Scottish gardens, and dinner reservations planned for us. It remains one of our favourite days together.

How did you know your Sixpence dress was the one?

Sixpence was my second bridal appointment, and after the first I remember feeling overwhelmed, like there were too many options and wondering how I would know which dress was the best. My consultant at Sixpence was amazing, and actually picked out the winning dress! It was towards the end of the appointment, and I wasn't feeling like any that had been picked out was 'really' the one. Then my consultant pulled this dress and let us stay an extra 15-20 minutes to try it on and take a good look. I knew just from seeing it on the hanger that as long as it fit, it was going to be the one! And sure enough - it fit perfectly and other than the bustle, needed almost no alterations. It was meant to be!

Favourite details from the day?

Honestly the dress was a huge highlight. I am truly obsessed with it and the way it bustled... it was gorgeous! I'll be looking for excuses to put in on again in the future! We also got ready at the venue, so we were really able to take a relaxed approach to getting ready, and loved hanging out on the patio with the wedding party, mimosas and brunch in hand! As a surprise, my mom also rented a full-blown Cinderella carriage, complete with twinkle lights and everything. That was an extra detail that really made the day even more exciting, and was so thoughtful.

How did you make your wedding personal to your style and love story?

We are both fairly laid back, but organized people. When it came to planning, we sat down together at the start to figure out what was truly important to us, and then we did our best to stick with those boundaries and work together to maintain them. We also had the world's most incredible vendor team. Everyone was so helpful and supportive, and had great ideas to share. There were also a ton of small local Canadian businesses on etsy and other platforms that we purchased almost all of our decorations from. Everything really came together!

What was the most memorable part of your wedding?

With everything going on, we of course had a small outdoor wedding. We wouldn't change a thing about our day. Everything was perfect. Our personalized vows were a highlight for both of us, and the opportunity to just sit and connect with friends and family to celebrate is something we will forever be grateful for. We were able to spend time with our wedding parties getting ready, and able to enjoy the day together.

Any advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Setting boundaries before you start, and really taking the time to think about what is most important to you will help centre you through your planning process. With the pandemic, we planned and re-planned so many times, but coming back to that really helped. People will also ask you for exceptions to things, and make special requests. We found this challenging but are so glad we discussed what we wanted in advance, as again, this really helped ground us. A lot of the time people are asking for something that is a 'nice to have' not a 'need to have' and won't really mind either way. Trying to accommodate all these requests however, can be really stressful! While it is important to be inclusive and accessible in your planning, remember the day is about you and your partner. We have no regrets and truly feel our wedding day was magical in every way - and we hope for the same for you!

Who are the amazing vendors that helped bring your day together?

Venue: Greystone Acres, Elora, ON (

Photographer: Jess Collins (

Day of Coordination/Planning: Haley Hopkins, PlanItRight Events (

Tent and Furniture Rental: Guelph Tent and Event Rentals (

Hair: Jen Bakker, Loft199 (

Makeup: Anna Laws, Creativity on Me (

Flowers: A Petal or Two (

Officiant: Linda Watt, Full Circle Celebrations (


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