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Sixpence Real Bride: Sarah & Ryan

Tell us a bit about your love story…

We met the most millennial way possible, on tinder! Before we met in person, we would talk on the phone for hours straight! We both share similar interests and the same values. I remember our earlier conversations about Ryan’s heroic stories as a wildland firefighter in Fort McMurray, Alberta fighting one of Canada’s largest recorded wildfire’s in history. When we met, things just fell into place, “when you know, you know”.

Tell us about the proposal!

We got engaged up north at Ryan’s family cottage in Southampton, Ontario. We went for a walk to the beach with his parents and I remember him looking nervous and I couldn’t figure out why! I went to swing on the swing set while watching the sunset over Lake Huron, that is when he got down on one knee and popped the question! I remember laughing at first because I was overwhelmed with emotions but chilled out and instantly said yes! His parents got it all on video! Such a beautiful moment in time.

how did you know that your sixpence dress was the one?

I have a psychic sense for spirits and energy. Through the wedding planning process I have felt my late Italian grandmother’s presence through it all.

My mother said she adored weddings and would have loved to have gone dress shopping with us. I knew the dress was the one because I got a visit that morning from her, I could hear her talking. Later on that day, I went over to my mom’s house to go dress shopping when the song I wanted to use for my wedding entrance song (Canon in D) started playing, on my mom’s google home. We instantly thought that was a way she was communicating.

I was not planning to go to Sixpence that day but they called me because they had a cancellation. It was around 5:30pm in the evening and we almost decided to go home instead, I am so glad we didn’t! The dress I picked was the first one I put on, it just fit like a glove! It felt like a fairy godmother hand picked the dress for me! I was so surprised, that just doesn’t happen! While wearing the dress the same song (Canon in D) started playing. I looked over at my sister and I was like this is the one and grandma found it for me!

Favourite details from the day?

My “Something Borrowed” was wearing my grandmother’s engagement ring. My something blue was my Tiffany bracelet gifted by my now husband. I also loved wearing my long cathedral veil.

How did you make your wedding personal to your style and love story?

The venue! We got married at the Elm Hurst Inn and Spa, in Ingersoll. The English gothic revival look gave the day an elegant and vintage vibe. We also share English roots (both our last names are of English origin). The venue was also where my husband’s mom and step-dad got married. They have a great relationship that inspires us.

Another personal touch was a “for those who cannot be here” table where we showcased photos of our deceased grandparents on their wedding days as a way to honour them.

Our reception entrance song for our wedding party and ourselves was “electric love” by BØRNS, which we love. Our first dance song, “Lifetime” by Justin Bieber was important to us as well, the message “they say you know when you know… and I know, I know you’re the one” will always resonate for us.

what was the most memorable part of your wedding?

The party! The DJ played all the song requests and played awesome hits! We had a lot of family and friends present who love to dance! We danced all night long! Mostly everyone was drunk by the end of the night!

Any advice you would give to other couples planning their wedding?

The venue is everything. Once you secure the place that is perfect for the both of you, the rest of the planning just falls into place!

Don’t sweat the small stuff that may worry you and take you over budget - like going overboard with decorations, heavy flowers arrangements, and activities to do. A great venue, DJ, and non-stop drinks is all you need to get the party going and WOW the crowd! People want to feel comfy, have a drink, chit-chat, and chill.

Lastly, don’t forget to soak up the moments. It goes by so fast. I do recommend a videographer, as it’s so nice to reminisce and relive the day afterwards.

who are the amazing vendors that helped bring your day together?

Venue: Elm Hurst Inn and Spa @elmhurstinnandspa

Photographer: Gold House Studios - @goldhousestudios

Videographer: Dream Chest Creative - @dreamchestcreative

DJ: AK productions - @akproductionsdj

Makeup Artist: London Makeup Artistry - @ldnmua

Hairstylist: Jess - @jcamboiaartisty

Wedding cake: Petrolia Street Bakery @petroliastreetbakery

Officiant: Mike Dias - Team Dias Inclusive Officiants

Flowers: Al Smiths Flower’s, Woodstock


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